The defense intends to appeal the verdict Demushkin


RIA Novosti

Protection of the nationalist Dmitry Demushkin intends to appeal the sentence of Nagatinsky court of Moscow appointed him to 2.5 years in prison for two published in social networks pictures, reported RIA Novosti his lawyer Oleg Kolesnikov.

On Tuesday, judge Anton Filatov admitted Demushkin guilty of posting on his page in the social network of two symbols, recognized by experts as extremist, and has appointed to it punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of two years and six months in a General regime colony. Exactly the same term for the nationalist sought on Tuesday the state Prosecutor.

“We will appeal this verdict,” the lawyer told the Agency.

According to the lawyer Kolesnikov, one of the images recognized as extremist, is the announcement of the “Russian March”.

“It’s a humorous image,” the lawyer explained.

The second picture posted Demushkin in the social network and later recognized as extremist, is a photo of the column of people holding made on the black-yellow-white banner with the slogan. This picture, according to the examination, also contains “linguistic and psychological signs of excitation of enmity or hatred against a group of persons allocated for nationalities (non-Russian)”.

He Demushkin doesn’t admit guilt and asserts that the specified image is consistent with the authorities of the banner with which the column passed the marchers.

Nagatinskaya Moscow court began hearing the case on February 22, the trial was closed from listeners and the media. Earlier, the court held a trial in this case and decided to return it to the Prosecutor for elimination of contradictions, now it was re-examined.