In the Russian Orthodox Church has warned of a “terrible death” opponents of Church building

Metropolitan Krasnoyarsk and Achinsk Panteleimon saw the extremism put forward by the residents of Krasnoyarsk the idea to hold a referendum about the construction of an Orthodox Church in the city centre. The words of the Church Hierarch leads the Agency FlashSiberia.

“All who broke the crosses, temples, horribly finished. I’m not threatening: as if it didn’t had and those who require a referendum,” warned the Bishop. He recalled that the land is already handed over to the diocese and protested the fact that the residents do not collect a similar plebiscite regarding the construction near the shopping center. “This is a provocation, dividing the society, extremism,” concluded the Holy.

In March the Krasnoyarsk diocese, announced reached with the authorities of the city and the region agreement on the allocation of the Church plot for the restoration of the lost during the Soviet years, the Nativity Cathedral, built in the mid-nineteenth century. The team through the website collecting signatures for a referendum on the question whether the city’s construction.