Mizulina told about the connection of porozovskoe with infertility

Mizulina told about the connection of porozovskoe with infertility

MOSCOW, 26 APR — RIA Novosti. Thirty percent of children suffering from porozovskoe, as adults, suffer from infertility, said the Senator Elena Mizulina, citing the results of research.

According to her, pornography is very dangerous for the younger generation.

“Today, experts say that we are dealing with the formation of a new type of Internet addiction are comparable with drug addiction is pornosvideos. And not only that, changing character personalities, thinking, behavior of the child when he becomes an adult, 30 percent, 3 of 10, they suffer from infertility, there is already such research,” she said during the forum of the safe Internet.

The Senator proposed to create in Russia a secure environment, safe for children — “children’s Internet”. Mizulina mentioned the authors of the law providing for the creation in Russia of the information system “students” which includes information about educational institutions and academic performance of students. According to her, they “say you can, and only in Russia, to create an environment, such a universal database with all personal data from birth for the rest of your life, which nobody can open, even the Americans.”

“If you can create a secure environment with personal data, let’s create for kids children’s Internet, which is really protected, where parents can not worry about what in the Internet the child will communicate, will see resources to obtain information, to play, and it won’t be corrupt, will not generate an aggressive attitude to the parents,” said the Senator.

She reminded the audience about the so-called “groups of death”, which today threaten children online.