In the North of Syria began, the fighting between the Kurds and the Turkish army

In Northern Syria, clashes broke out between Kurdish militia (Peshmerga) and Turkish army units. It is reported by the ANF News.

The Turkish forces, using artillery and heavy weapons, attacked the Kurdish positions near the city of Afrin. Militia fighters hold back the offensive. Data on casualties from both sides were reported.

April 25, the Turkish air force launched air strikes on objects of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK) near the mountain range of Sinjar in Northwest Iraq and northeast Syria. In Ankara, believe that the PKK members coming from these areas in Turkey the weapons, explosives and ammunition for attacks on military checkpoints. The RAID killed at least five fighters of the Peshmerga.

Since 1984 the PKK in the South-East of the country is waging an armed struggle for political rights of the Kurds in the country and the creation of a Kurdish autonomy in its composition. The truce between the Turkish government and the Kurds was terminated in July of 2015. The reason for the resumption of the active phase of the confrontation was a terrorist attack in the town of Suruç, when 32 people were killed, mostly Kurds.

In Turkey the Kurdistan workers ‘ party is considered a separatist terrorist organization.