“Find the cat”: the Himalayas photographed a rare snow leopard for hunting

“Find the cat”: the Himalayas photographed a rare snow leopard for hunting

On the highest plateau of India, Ladakh, a young photographer lucky managed to capture a rare inhabitant of the Himalayas, a snow leopard lurking before jumping on prey. Such a picture is not easy to do, as well as to find the image of a predator — masters of disguise.

A few years ago the Internet was popular “find the cat”. This shot is clearly from the same series.

Can YOU spot the snow leopard hiding in the Himalayas as it waits for the perfect moment to attack mountain … – https://t.co/O1sJetVpfY – pic.twitter.com/8KiBFx3Pqo

— Grtx (@GrtxNl) 25 APR 2017

21-year-old student from Mumbai Ner Meth was at the height of 3712 m, when he managed to make a unique picture. The first snow leopard saw a local resident, who called Ner and his followers, reports The Daily Mail.

First, a young photographer, according to him, nobody noticed. But soon he was able to distinguish in terrain that he was looking for: a stately looking man with a long bushy tail was lying just a few metres from his victim — a mountain goat, who did not suspect anything and peacefully grazing. “Camouflage” helped a great cat to merge with the environment.

As told by the student, they could observe the snow leopard for about 15 minutes. After that, the predator disappeared from view. The next morning, the travellers found in the same place half-eaten goat carcass — it means that the hunt of the snow leopard was successful.