In Texas near rattlesnake seen a fearless cat

In Texas near rattlesnake seen a fearless cat

In the Texas town of Laguna Vista took a picture of a cat that was lazily lounging next to the deadly rattlesnake, showing that icy calm.

Sure, cats have nine lives, but we’re questioning the wisdom of getting friendly with a rattlesnake

— Mashable (@mashable) April 25, 2017

The cat, with a calm curiosity looked on frozen in an aggressive pose, reptile, posted on his page in Facebook the local police Department. The guards warned subscribers that the region has intensified the rattlesnakes, one of them (huge) I noticed on the footpath.

Meanwhile, the Network is guessing, he could discuss the two creatures, so different from each other. Maybe of mice that they would like to eat? Or places where best to hide from the pesky bipeds? “Perhaps these two have more in common than we narrow-minded people might think. And who are we to judge this promising friendship of two beautiful creatures?” writes Mashable.