The United States expressed dissatisfaction with Turkey’s air strikes in Syria and Iraq

Mark Toner

The United States is “deeply concerned” by Turkey’s strikes on Syria and Iraq and directly said this to Ankara. As reported by RIA Novosti, told reporters, Deputy state Department spokesman mark Toner.

He pointed to the fact that Turkey is attacked in the North of the two neighboring countries without coordination neither with the US nor with the global anti-terrorist coalition.

Toner noted that the strikes have led to the tragic death of allied soldiers, including members of the Kurdish militia — the Peshmerga.

The US stressed that all military action in Iraq “must respect the sovereignty of Iraq” and expressed hope that Turkey and other partners to more closely coordinate their actions.

According to him, Washington made it clear to Turkey that it cannot fight against the Kurdistan workers ‘ party due to the overall fight against terrorists.

Earlier it was reported that the Turkish air force launched several strikes on the positions of the Syrian armed groups and the Iraqi Kurds are receiving support from the United States. Killing more than 30 people. The us military is not affected.