In Poland flipped a bus with citizens of Belarus

In the area of the Polish city Zavada (łódź Voivodeship) overturned bus with tourists from Belarus. This was reported by PAP.

According to the press-Secretary of the local police Department Adam Kolasa, just the car was carrying 41 passengers. The group was returning from a tourist trip to Prague. The accident injured 18 people. With various traumas they are hospitalised in the nearest hospitals.

Several tourists medical assistance was provided on the spot.

The causes of the accident is not yet established. According to preliminary data, the bus driver was sober.

26 January in the same region of Poland, an accident involving 40 cars and trucks. A string of smashed cars stretched for 500 meters. Injured 20 people. Rescuers said that the lack of victims in accident of this magnitude is a real miracle.