Putin compared his work with the struggle of angels and sea devils

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin joked about the similarities of the struggle of the marine angels and devils with their work. About it reports “Interfax” on Monday, April 24.

The head of state was interested in the confrontation of two shellfish in the course of the presentation of the project “Exploring the Arctic waters of Russia”, which took place at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Russian geographical society. The video was captured as a clam monkfish eats another mollus — monkfish.

“What I do. Will have to get acquainted with your results. We have all the time to see that no one ate. To look around,” he said. He noted that it is useful to observe what is happening in nature.

Earlier Monday it was reported that Putin during the meeting of the Board of Trustees asked the state of the Volga river near the Caspian sea. The speakers said that there is pure water, after which the Russian leader promised to go fishing there.

Speaking at the meeting, he also called geographical science the basis for the formation of patriotism and national identity.