Police beat a resident of the Republic of Karelia has ordered to rehab

In Karelia resident of the village of Loukhi was sentenced to 2.5 years suspended sentence and ordered to undergo treatment for alcoholism because he hit a police officer. This was reported on the website of the Republican Prosecutor’s office.

4 Feb staff patrol found on the street a drunken man that “offended human dignity and public morality”. The police wanted to accompany him to the police station for drawing up an administrative report, but the offender began to resist. He hit one of the guards punched in the face and tore his uniform.

The man was found guilty of committing a crime under article “Application of violence not dangerous for health against a representative of authority in connection with the performance of their official duties”. Because the defendant has repeatedly committed an administrative violation related to alcohol use, the court laid upon him the obligation to undergo treatment at the psychiatrist.

In August 2016, the inhabitant of the Saratov region repeatedly struck on the head by a police officer who attempted to detain her grandson for an administrative offence. Pensioner at this point was drunk.