Trump drew attention to the fact that almost all Americans do not regret voting for him

Trump drew attention to the fact that almost all Americans do not regret voting for him

So the US President commented on the results of a survey which showed that he was in the first 100 days of the presidency became the most unpopular leader for 65 years.

WASHINGTON, April 23. /Offset. TASS Boris Makarov/. The President of the United States Donald trump welcomed the results of a public opinion poll conducted jointly by broadcaster ABC and The Washington Post, noting that almost all US citizens, who gave him a voice, not sorry about your choice. His opinion of the President shared on the official page in social network Twitter.

New polls out today are very good considering that much of the media is FAKE and almost always negative. Would still beat Hillary in …..

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 23, 2017

…popular vote. ABC News/Washington Post Poll (wrong big on election) said almost all stand by their vote on me & 53% said a strong leader.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 23, 2017

“A new study, prevalent today, is very good, considering how much the media are fake and almost always publish the negative. I’m still ahead of the popularity of Hillary (Clinton — approx. TASS). According to a survey by ABC and The Washington Post, almost all have not regretted about his voice for me, and 53% (of respondents — approx. TASS) think I’m a strong leader,” trump wrote.

The study, however, showed that the approval rating of U.S. President Donald trump’s first 100 days at the helm of the American administration was 42%, which was the lowest rate among the presidents, at least since the days of Dwight Eisenhower.

Meanwhile, the results showed also that almost all voted for trump American voters (94%) have not changed their opinion about the President and still approve of his work on the higher state post. Not changed their opinion and the supporters of Hillary Clinton, most of whom oppose the billionaire (92%).

One question in the mind come together as the vast majority of Democrats and supporters of the trump: almost unanimously (99%) voted for Republican support the pressure on companies in different industries to provide jobs for Americans are in favor of it and 52% of Clinton supporters.