In Paris ended the protest on the day of presidential elections

In Paris ended the protest on the day of presidential elections

PARIS, April 24 — RIA Novosti. Protests in Paris on the day of the first round of presidential elections in France ended late in the night, injured at least two people, was also burnt vehicles, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the event.

According to the newspaper Le Parisien, which refers to the police, three people were detained.

It’s after midnight at the Republic square in Paris, the police pushed protesters in the subway, they broke up. An hour earlier between them, clashes, police used tear gas and stun grenades. Demonstrators threw guards, the flares and other items.

Earlier, RIA Novosti became the witness of how in the North of the station was burned three parked car, at the scene worked firefighters.

A few hours earlier at the place de La Bastille, police in clashes with demonstrators also used tear gas, stun and smoke grenades, batons. The protesters, who shouted slogans of “Neither Le Pen nor the Makron!”, threw the police sticks and empty bottles. The traffic was blocked, the metro was not working on entry and exit.

As passed the correspondent of RIA Novosti, with the square of the Bastille was taken in the car “first aid” wounded in the head by members of the protests, he was unconscious.

According to another RIA Novosti correspondent, there on the place de La Bastille was injured another woman, when the police blocked the main group of protesters near the building of the “Opera Bastille”. The footage video shows how a police officer pushes a girl who falls down and then lies unconscious.

In addition, clashes took place in Nantes. Several hundred people participated in the campaign under the slogan “Neither the banker nor racist!”, they threw bottles at the police with firebombs, smashed Windows of several banks. Police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets, several people were detained.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of interior, the winner of the first round of the elections was the leader of the party “Forward,” Emmanuel macron with 23,82%, the second finalist — the head of “National front” marine Le Pen scored of 21.58%.