Refugees in Calais have complained of ill-treatment by the police

Every day refugees living in the French city of Calais and its surroundings, were subjected to cruel treatment by the police. These are the results of a study conducted by the British newspaper The Independent.

As the newspaper notes, the migrants and their children complain of beatings by the guards. So, 22-year-old Palestinian said that the law enforcement officials sprayed tear gas directly in his face, broke his glasses and got a black eye.

“They [the police] pushed me to the floor and beaten,” he complained in turn the young woman from Eritrea.

89 percent of respondents, according to the study, said that experienced the brutality of the police, 82 percent of respondents said the attitude of the French guards bad or very bad. 28 percent of them reported that the law enforcement officials insulted them.

According to The Independent, children-refugees complain of poor attitude not only from police but also from local residents. So, 66 percent said that hear in his address insults, 56 percent said they had experienced physical violence.

Local authorities all charges in the address reject, calling them unfounded.

In the stool previously occupied by a spontaneous refugee camp “the Jungle”. The number of its inhabitants reached 10 thousand people. Local residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the neighborhood with slums because of the sharply aggravated the crime situation here and the prevailing unsanitary conditions. After the demolition of the camp in November 2016, several hundred migrants still remain in and around the city.