The Japanese began actively to build private fallout shelters

Threats by North Korean leadership to launch a nuclear strike on Japanese territory in case of aggression the United States provoked Japan’s growth in the construction of private fallout shelters. About it reports on Monday, April 24, the Irish Independent information

As found by the correspondent of the newspaper, the company Oribe Seiki Seisakusho from the Prefecture of Kobe, which is engaged in construction of shelters, a few weeks secured a job in the months ahead. Typically, the firm managed to sell about six projects a year, but in April it has already received eight orders. To equip the shelter under your house usually ask ordinary Japanese, said the company’s Director Nobuko Oribe (Oribe Guesthouse).

According to him, a refuge for 13 people cost about 230 thousand dollars, and its construction is four months. The shelter is a sealed room in the basement capable of withstanding at a distance of 660 metres the explosion of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Sometimes the commissions come from owners of small businesses, said Oribe. They seek to ensure the safety of its employees and their families.

Company from Kobe also sells air purifiers are Swiss-made, which hold not only radioactive particles but also molecules of toxic gases. The price of such filtering devices for family bomb shelter for 13 people is 15.5 thousand dollars. It will help in the case of use of chemical weapons.

Sales Manager of the Japanese company Earth Shift from the Shizuoka Prefecture said that the Japanese became interested in the construction of shelters from radiation and chemical attacks 10 times more often.

Concerns about the possible use of chemical weapons of the DPRK has grown in Japan after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. On April 13 he reported that North Korea might equip its ballistic missiles with warheads with the nerve gas sarin. On April 21 the Japanese government released guidelines for citizens in case of a missile attack.