Putin criticized the slogans against corruption

Putin criticized the slogans against corruption

Slogans on anti-corruption are used as a tool of political struggle, they were used in Ukraine during the Arab spring and has led to tragic results, said President Vladimir Putin at the Council of legislators in St. Petersburg on Tuesday.

Putin is convinced that we need to distinguish between those who really want to fight corruption and indeed to strengthen the state, and those who are trying to use it as a tool in their own political struggle and for self-promotion, was quoted by TASS.

He also stressed that the Council of legislators should step up efforts to curb inappropriate, incorrect or excessive legislative initiatives.

“I believe that this work should be repeatedly reinforced,” said Putin. “Of course, everybody wants to look decent. Everyone wants to make decisions that tomorrow’s manna will fall. But she doesn’t wallow. This miracle will not happen. Decisions must be reconciled, they must be based on reality, on our capabilities and the needs of society,” Putin said (quoted by “Interfax”).