American Airlines employee fired, hit the woman with a stroller

American Airlines employee fired, hit the woman with a stroller

MOSCOW, 22 APR — RIA Novosti. American Airlines suspended the flight attendant, after he, according to passengers, the wheelchair hit a woman, stranded on a flight with a child, reports the ABC.

The incident occurred on Friday when the woman boarded the plane that was to fly from San Francisco to Dallas. One of the passengers posted a video on the social network Facebook, having accompanied the video with the comment: “Oh my God, the flight attendants during my flight took the stroller to the lady, hit her, almost hitting the child.”

The passenger managed to capture only the situation on Board the aircraft after the incident, the moment of impact the video has not got. The atmosphere in the cockpit grew even stronger when protecting a woman stood up the man who started a verbal argument with a flight attendant.

“Hey, buddy, try to do the same with me, and you lie,” said the man, turning to the guide. The latter is advised not to intervene in the case, the circumstances of which he is not familiar.

The airline reported that it is conducting an investigation. The representative of American Airlines Leslie Scott reported that the incident occurred because of a dispute whether a woman carry a stroller on Board.