Weather forecasters promise Muscovites warming up to 20 degrees

Weather forecasters promise Muscovites warming up to 20 degrees

According to forecasts, this temperature is possible by the end of next week, cool days will remain on 23 and 24 April.

Moscow. April 22. INTERFAX.RU — Significant warming is expected in the capital region next week, by Friday the temperature can rise to 20 degrees, said on Saturday the hydrometeorological center of Russia.

According to weather forecasts, even the cool days will be Sunday, April 23 (5-7 degrees) and Monday, April 24 (7-9 degrees).

Moscow, 23 appelerons for 14 days+5°the rain+3°cloudy NightForecast for 14 damaska, 24 appelerons for 14 days+5°rain0°Night clearForecast for 14 days

On Tuesday in Moscow will warm up to 9-11, Wednesday — 12-17, Thursday — up to 14-19 degrees, said meteorologist.

Moscow, 25 appelerons 14 days to+8°cloudy-1°Night clearForecast for 14 days Friday, the air temperature in Moscow will reach the highest since the beginning of year values, approaching 20 degrees

In the first half of the week in the capital region expected to be cloudy with clearings weather will be a little rain, the wind.

Maximum temperature of 2017 was installed April 11 — 19.6 degrees.