Seven-year-old boy found a box with 14 grenades in Kramatorsk

In Kramatorsk, a boy of seven found near the school building box, which was 14 grenades. On Saturday, April 2, according to the website of the National police of the Donetsk region of Ukraine.

The publication says that on 22 April at 19.15 in room “102” called 34-the summer local resident and told that her son while walking with friends found in a corner of the courtyard of the school № 3 near the fence of the subjects similar to grenades. The child did not touch the find, and told about her mother.

“At the scene immediately left the police and surrounded the area. According to preliminary information, the box contains seven RGD-5 grenades and seven grenades f-1. In ammunition unscrewed the fuses, but they are there in the box,” explained the police.

Currently at the scene working explosives.

April 9 in Lviv, a local resident found in their backyards suspicious object. It was subsequently established that the improvised explosive device.

21 March in downtown Kiev on the street of Friendship of Peoples in the garbage can a female janitor found a bomb and Handicrafts.