SK of Armenia stated about the mental patients of the likely murderers of the Russian military

The suspect in the murder of a Russian soldier in Gyumri, there are problems with the psyche. As reported on Saturday, April 22, “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the Investigative Committee of Armenia, it turned out at the stage of preliminary investigation.

“During military service in November 2016, he repeatedly caused injury to themselves, with the aim of highly specialized test was transferred to the psychiatric Department of Yerevan military hospital. In relation to the suspect was designated a comprehensive military medical and forensic psychiatric examination”, — explained in Department.

In March it received a report in which it pointed out that the men identified several mental disorders. In this regard, it recognized limited sane and unfit for service in the army in peacetime. By order of the Minister of defense he was demobilized.

The press service added that the investigation into the murder of 21-year-old serviceman of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Dmitry Yalpaeva a criminal case under article 104 of RA criminal code (“Murder”).

Informed on 22 April it became known about the murder of a Russian soldier in Gyumri, Armenia According to witnesses, he was stabbed in the scuffle. In a press-service of the southern military district said that the crime was committed by a civilian on home soil. Alleged killer arrested. A law enforcement source said that the suspect 20 years old, he suffers from mental illness, had previously distinguished the inappropriate behavior and held for a number of criminal cases.