Putin insulted the journalist recalled his racist remarks

Former Fox News presenter bill O’reilly, known for having insulted the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, recalled his racist remarks in the program The Daily Show. The issue was published on the YouTube channel.

In the video, which in two days has gained more than 865 thousand views, leading Trevor Noah (Trevor Noah) mocks O’reilly, Recalling the most controversial episodes of his career. In particular, he stresses the intolerance of the former Fox News host to people with a different skin color, lack of respect for women, rude attitude to the interlocutors and temper. “Bill O’reilly was very lucky that not all black people are criminals, he thinks. If this were so, he would have already kicked ass,” he said.

O’reilly was fired from Fox News April 20, after the third harassment claim. “After careful and thorough investigation of the allegations, the company and bill O’reilly came to the agreement that bill O’reilly will not return to Fox News channel”, — says the publication channel.