CEC decided to make Russians the process of remote voting


RIA Novosti

The Central election Commission seriously address the problem of detachment of the voter from his precinct in the election. The one who could not inform where it is convenient will exercise their civil right, you can do that later, in the TICK at the place of stay.

Electors in this issue will contribute to the information center of the CEC. As have informed “News” the Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina, at the meeting of 26 April comissurotomy the final version of the legal and technical solutions to this issue.

Through the voter information center reports the address of the territorial Commission, where he will be able to write a statement and attach to another site. All changes will be made to the system gas-Elections.

According to CEC member Nikolay bulaeva, the information center can earn in August 2017.

Political and community activists Express concern about whether the CEC to monitor the implementation of the law in such circumstances, and discourage the repeated voting one voter.