The fuel spill occurred after the collision of the ferry with a jetty in the Canary Islands

The fuel spill occurred off the coast of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) after the collision the ferry with pier. It is reported by El Pais. According to the newspaper, the ship rammed the Wharf and damaged it laid the pipeline through which fuel is to refuel. The result was a leakage of 60 thousand liters of fuel, half of which was collected by special vehicles. The length of the oil slick was about three kilometers, width — 400 meters. As noted, he will be able to completely eliminate for 15-20 hours — during this time the fuel will evaporate. Local authorities are monitoring the situation, however, I believe that the environment will not suffer considerable damage, writes El Mundo. The incident occurred on April 21 at approximately 20:30 local time (22:30 GMT) at the exit from the harbour of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The boat was carrying 140 people.

The Ministry of health has proposed to ban Smoking wapow in public areas

The Ministry of health has proposed to ban Smoking VAPI and electronic cigarettes in public places. The relevant paragraph is contained in the Department of strategy of formation of healthy lifestyle of the population by 2025, according to video News Service. “The import, sale, advertising, promotion and consumption of these products [wapow and electronic cigarettes] are not regulated at present, which leads to a sharp increase in the prevalence of consumption of these products, especially teenagers, and is a serious threat to the achievements of the implementation of anti-Smoking measures”, — noted in the Ministry of health. Also it stipulates a ban on the sale of wapow no person under the age of 21. In addition, it is proposed to prohibit advertising of these products and to limit the number of places where they can be purchased. In addition, it is proposed to gradually increase the excise duties and consumer

In Novosibirsk, the child fell into a two-meter pit on the sidewalk

Novosibirsk In Novosibirsk, launched an investigation after emergence in mass media of information about the eight-year-old boy who fell into a two-meter pit on the sidewalk. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee. It is noted that the incident occurred April 19 in the 4th lane Serafimovicha in the Leninsky district of the city. The baby fell to the ground, partially covered with soil. To get out of the boy only with the help of passers-by. In the fall he received injuries of soft tissues of upper and lower extremities. Investigators establish the circumstances of the incident. Legal assessment will be given to the inaction of the municipality’s failure to take necessary measures for the maintenance of lands in a safe condition. The story of the incident was broadcast on the TV channel “Vesti. Novosibirsk” on April 21. Presumably, the hole was formed

Sochi taxi driver knocked down three children

In Sochi the taxi driver hit three teenagers aged 10 to 12 years. About it to TV channel “Vesti. Sochi,” said the district Directorate of the interior Ministry. The accident occurred on April 22 in the street fabritsiusa. According to preliminary data, the driver of the KIA Rio lost control. As specifies the edition “Notepad Krasnodar”, the car flew into the opposite lane, knocking kids standing on the median strip in the middle of the road. Is checked. The victims were taken to children’s hospital. Two children are in serious condition. One of them, presumably, open craniocerebral injury. In November 2016 in the East of Moscow taxi driver hit 13 people. The culprit explained that he was more than a day behind the wheel and fell asleep on the road, causing his Skoda collided with another car and drove to the tram stop.

The court in St. Petersburg, arrested the second defendant in the case of suicide bombing student

The court in St. Petersburg, arrested the second defendant in the case of suicide bombing student St. PETERSBURG, April 22 — RIA Novosti. Vasileostrovsky district court of St. Petersburg on Saturday sanctioned the arrest of Vasily Kiryanov Director of the company, which was allegedly made bomb exploded in the hands of 17-year-old student, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the court Daria Lebedeva. On the evening of 13 April, police received information about the hospitalization of 17-year-old young man from the house 4 the Avenue Kima. In fact the injury of a teenager in the explosion of an improvised explosive device investigative authorities opened a criminal case on illicit trafficking of explosives. How should the case, the victim is a student of chemical faculty of St. Petersburg state University of technology. He received severe injuries: traumatic brain injury, an eye injury, was amputated of both hands. In the course of his

A resident of St. Petersburg detained for the promise to blow up the medical center

A resident of St. Petersburg detained for the promise to blow up the medical center The clinic on Nevsky prospect of St. Petersburg promised to blow up is unknown the evening of April 21. The man turned off the phone, but the police did not save him. According to “Fontanka”, at about 18 o’clock on April 21 unknown called the receptionist of the medical institution on Nevsky prospect, 90, and said that he intends to blow up the clinic. After that, he hung up and turned off the phone, and the employee of the center called the police. But the phone number of the guards quickly found the 44-year-old telephone terrorist. As he explained, he met with the police, the call was a hooligan trick. Evacuation and inspection of the clinic was not performed.

In Moscow at the Moscow airport crashed parachutist

In Moscow at the Moscow airport crashed parachutist MOSCOW, 22 APR — RIA Novosti. Investigators establish the circumstances of the death of a professional parachutist at the airport in Moscow suburbs, have informed in GSU SK across Moscow region. As told in Department, on the morning of 22 April, law enforcement authorities Ruza district received information about the death of 29-year-old professional parachutist landing on the runway of the airfield Moscow in the Ruza district of Moscow region. “The athlete trained in preparation for the next competitions and performing complex element without calculating the angle and trajectory of the jump, fell to the ground. In the fall, the parachutist received injuries from which he died on the spot”, — stated in the message. On this fact initiated preliminary examination. Currently undergoing the necessary verification measures, aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident.

Bookmakers named favorite Eurovision

Bookmakers named favorite Eurovision STOCKHOLM, 21 APR — news, Lyudmila Bozhko. Tender song from Italy Occidentali”s Karma (“Karma Western man”) in the performance of the 35-year-old Francesco Gabbani headed, according to bookmakers, the favorites list of Eurovision 2017, which will be held in may in Kiev. The victory of Italy predict, in particular, players such bookmakers like Bet365, Betway, Betfred, Unibet, Ladbrokes and Paf. Rhythmic Italian song tells about evolution, about the problems and hopes for the future, the artist takes it in a joking manner with a dancing monkey on stage — the song has gathered over 50 million views on YouTube. Second in the list of favorites called Bulgaria, followed by Sweden, Portugal and enters into the five of Belgium. Participation in the competition will be performers from 42 countries. The first and second semi-finals will be held on 9 and 11 may, the final on 13 may.

Wrong sandwich: toast for mermaids and unicorns

Wrong sandwich: toast for mermaids and unicorns Food designer of Miami administers rainbow revolution in the world of Breakfast: the creation of colorful spreads of cream cheese and yoghurt, she was inspired by mermaids and unicorns. All this is not without psychedelia. Food stylist from Miami In Adeline has a blog about delicious, healthy and (importantly) beautiful food, but she became famous thanks to, first of all, the photos of the toast colored textured spreads, colors on them and different powders — from sprinkles to edible gold. Publication of Adeline Waugh (@vibrantandpure) APR 7 2017 8:15 PDT Publication of Adeline Waugh (@vibrantandpure) Mar 28 2017 at 9:46 PDT Adeline calls the artistic sandwiches “toast for mermaids” (which is guessed a nautical theme), those that are optimistic — “toast for unicorns”. Publication of Adeline Waugh (@vibrantandpure) Mar 22 2017 at 7:26 am PDT Publication of Adeline Waugh (@vibrantandpure) Mar 9 2017

A pool player with a five-meter cue got into the Guinness Book of records

A pool player with a five-meter cue got into the Guinness Book of records French pool player Florian Kohler (Florian Kohler), savladati with a giant cue, got into the Guinness Book of records. About it reports UPI. At the event in Las Vegas (Nevada) the athlete has demonstrated the cue length 537 cm, which produced its sponsor, Japanese company MEZZ. He managed to hit them on the cue ball to pocket eight balls. Representatives of the Guinness Book of records has recognized a five-meter tool the longest cue in the world, suitable for the game. The length of a regular cue usually does not exceed 160 centimeters. Then Kohler has set five world records related to Billiards. According to the Guinness Book of records, it is for the moment driven into the middle pocket 70 balls to bypass the obstacles and made the ball spin after impact during 23,53 seconds.