The details of the murder of a Russian soldier in Gyumri

A Russian soldier in Gyumri, Armenia, was killed a civilian near the location of the military unit. About TASS reported the press service of the southern military district. “According to preliminary data, the murder was committed on domestic soil,” the Ministry said. In the southern military district also confirmed the information that the soldier stabbed, and that the alleged killer was detained. A law enforcement source told “Interfax” that the suspect 20 years old, he suffers from a mental disease, it was noted earlier inappropriate behavior and held for a number of criminal cases. As was stated by the Prosecutor of Shirak region Karen Gabrielyan who died supposedly is a contractor by the name of Dmitry Lapaev. According to eyewitnesses, the man was stabbed in the scuffle. April 18, was reported missing in Gyumri, Russian serviceman. Two days later it became known that the missing — contract employee Dmitry Lashmanov

At the train station in Paris detained armed with a knife man

At the North station in Paris arrested a man armed with a knife. On Saturday, April 22, reports channel BFMTV. Unknown entered the building of the station with a knife in his hand. On-duty police were informed and arrested him. It is noted that the man did not resist. The presence of weapons, he explained that “he feared for his life.” The police said that since the beginning he was not a threat. — Hannah Bayman (@hannahbayman) April 22, 2017, 13:53 The incident caused panic among passengers, many left their Luggage and began to run. The evening of 20 April on the Champs elysées in Central Paris skirmish, which killed a policeman. The attack occurred three days before the first round of presidential elections in France, scheduled for April 23. The responsibility for what happened took on banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.

Killed in Mexico drug Lord Comandante Bull

One of the most wanted drug lords of Mexico, the leader of a drug cartel “the Gulf” Julian Manuel of Salinas, Lois (Loisa Julián Manuel Salinas), nicknamed Comandante Bull killed during clashes between criminals and Federal security forces in Mexico. This was reported in the official Twitter-account of the government of the state of Tamaulipas. “In Tamaulipas the Federal forces confirmed that after the collision with the criminals, the criminals killed the Bull and Pancho Carreon”, — stated in the message. — Gobierno Tamaulipas (@gobtam) April 22, 2017, 13:34 Comandante Bull was one of the most wanted criminals in Tamaulipas. He was killed in Reynosa. In other messages, the state government asked citizens to be careful, as the operation to capture the other members of the cartel continues. The border with the US state of Tamaulipas is the scene of confrontation between two powerful Mexican cartel “Los Zetas” and the

American stabbed in the eye neighbor in hostel in St. Petersburg

An American of Japanese descent may become a defendant in a criminal case in Russia for the fact that he stuck a knife in the eyes of the neighbor in the hostel. About it writes “Fontanka”. The incident occurred on the evening of 20 April in one of hostels of Saint Petersburg on Kazanskaya street. 27-year-old US citizen and the visitor from Tajikistan had a fight and during the fight the American was stabbed in the eyes of his opponent. According crippled man in serious condition was taken to the Alexander hospital, and the Americans — to the police station. What was the reason for the quarrel is not specified. Law enforcement authorities of a city establish details of the incident. According to “Fontanka”, a criminal case under article “Hooliganism”. The maximum punishment under this article — imprisonment for the term up to five years. The publication writes that

The Russian foreign Ministry responded to the note of protest from Kiev-Yalta forum

Grigory Karasin Moscow takes into account the specific claims of the Ukrainian authorities, associated with the Crimea. So the Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Grigory Karasin commented on the protest of Kiev because of the economic forum in Yalta, RIA Novosti reported on Friday, April 21. “In my opinion, these protest notes should be easy to respond, they imitate political activity, but we do what we do. Therefore, keeping all the diplomatic politesse, however, it is important to understand the price of this kind of documents”, — said Karasin. April 20, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has sent Russia a note of protest in connection with carrying out in the Crimea, III international Yalta economic forum (AMEF). On the same day, the permanent representative of Crimea under the Russian President Georgi Muradov told journalists received threats in the address of the business partner of Moscow by Ukrainian officials and diplomats. AMAF

Kadyrov denied the come in white powder

Ramzan Kadyrov The head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov commented on the information about the persecution of residents of Chechnya journalists of “Novaya Gazeta”. For questions about these reports, he said during the festival, “Shashlik-Mashlik”, reports “Interfax” on Saturday, April 22. “Who saw it? Let them investigate and punish the guilty, if any. Please, let them take the culprit. If there is such a powder. This is nonsense, they themselves do the advertising, they get a dime from Western sources. They are not interested what will happen with Russia”, — said Kadyrov. According to the head of Chechnya, the magazine’s staff is not in danger. “The clergy passed a resolution to reassure the people of the Chechen Republic, that, Yes, there are such people, cultureless, immoral. What are we supposed to be sympathetic to these people, if you can call them people. And no danger could be,” he said.

Russian soldier killed in the Armenian city of Gyumri

Russian soldier killed in the Armenian city of Gyumri The suspect in the murder detained. YEREVAN, April 22. /Offset. TASS Tigran Liloyan/. Serviceman of Russian military base in Armenia killed in Gyumri. Law enforcers have detained a suspect in the murder. This was reported by TASS in the Department of information and public relations of police of Armenia. In the defense Ministry confirmed the death of the contractor. “On April 22 at about 17:00 local time near the location of the military unit civilian was an attempt on the life of a soldier on the contract of the Russian military base in Armenia. The result caused the stab wound, the soldier died on the spot. An attack on a Russian serviceman detained by the police of Gyumri”, — said the press service of the southern military district. The press service noted that the command staff of the military district in

In Leningrad region the drunk woman attacked a paramedic

In Leningrad region the drunk woman attacked a paramedic MOSCOW, 22 APR — RIA Novosti. The drunk inhabitant of the Leningrad region attacked an emergency doctor, in that time, she assisted her companion, investigators conducted a preliminary examination, reported the press service of the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the region. As reported in Department, the paramedic arrived on Saturday in one of the apartments on the street Bykov in the village of Pavlovo, Vsevolozhsky district, where the company had used alcohol. “During the medical care to one of the present individuals one of the women attacked the paramedic several times struck his foot on the back of the victim. The arrived police attacks delivered to the Department”, — is spoken in the message. Investigators have questioned witnesses, the question on excitation of criminal case. Recently in different regions of Russia there have been a number of high-profile

Media: armed with a knife man arrested at the North station of Paris

Media: armed with a knife man arrested at the North station of Paris He was detained in the moment when he wanted to approach the police patrol, according to BFM-TV PARIS, April 22. /Offset. TASS Arina Lebedev, Sergey Shcherbakov/. Armed with a knife man arrested at the North station of Paris. About it reports TV channel BFM-TV. He was detained in the moment when he wanted to approach the police patrol. The TV channel notes that this incident has caused concern among passengers. Some of them, leaving Luggage in a panic left the scene. Police have cordoned off the perimeter of the place of incident. Details about the identity of the assailant is not disclosed. Thursday on the Champs Elysees was an attack on police officers. 39-year-old Frenchman of Arab origin opened fire on them with automatic weapons. One police officer was killed, two were seriously injured. Was also slightly

In the US, Muslim women allowed to fight in a hijab

In the US, Muslim women allowed to fight in a hijab In the US, 16-year-old Muslim, the Amaya Zafar from the city of Oakdale (Minnesota) were allowed to fight in a hijab. In addition, because of religious beliefs, it is also allowed to step into the ring with closed hands and feet. Her coach called it an important step. Girl wants to perform at the Olympic games-2020. In the US, Muslim women allowed to fight in a hijab. On Thursday, April 20, writes the Star Tribune. 16-year-old Minnesota Muslim boxer wins right to fight while wearing hijab; Zafar’Amaiya’s first match is April 29. — Star Tribune (@StarTribune) 21 APR 2017 According to the newspaper, because of religious beliefs 16-year-old Amaya Zafar (Zafar Amaiya) from the city of Oakdale (Minnesota) allowed during the battle to wear this item of religious clothing, and to cover arms and legs. This is