The court in St. Petersburg, arrested the second defendant in the case of suicide bombing student

The court in St. Petersburg, arrested the second defendant in the case of suicide bombing student

St. PETERSBURG, April 22 — RIA Novosti. Vasileostrovsky district court of St. Petersburg on Saturday sanctioned the arrest of Vasily Kiryanov Director of the company, which was allegedly made bomb exploded in the hands of 17-year-old student, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the court Daria Lebedeva.

On the evening of 13 April, police received information about the hospitalization of 17-year-old young man from the house 4 the Avenue Kima. In fact the injury of a teenager in the explosion of an improvised explosive device investigative authorities opened a criminal case on illicit trafficking of explosives.

How should the case, the victim is a student of chemical faculty of St. Petersburg state University of technology. He received severe injuries: traumatic brain injury, an eye injury, was amputated of both hands. In the course of his interrogation at the hospital, the investigators found that the bomb was made in the laboratory located in the premises of ZAO “Innovative technologies C&C” on the embankment of the river Smolenka. CEO Vasily Kiryanov and the chief of laboratory of Dmitry Shevchenko APR 18, was arrested. On Thursday, the court arrested Dovga until 11 June.

“Vasileostrovskiy district court ordered the remand in custody in respect Kiryanov until 15 June”, — said the Agency Lebedev.

At the request of counsel Alexander Meleshko to the case were attached to appreciation for the social and charitable activities Kiryanov, information about studying at Kazan higher military school and the artillery Academy, the information on the registration of several patents, including blasting and the methods of resuscitation of wells, as well as information that led them to one of the firms has permits for drilling and blasting operations and carries out construction activities under contracts with the Authority.

According to the petition for arrest, Kiryanov from testimony refused. As stated in the court investigator, it can confirm the version of the investigation, he organized the illegal production of explosives pentaerythritol TETRANITRATE (PETN), controlled the production of explosives based on it and dealt with their marketing.

According to the testimony of a minor victim, in the fall of 2016, he together with the head of the laboratory headed by Kiryanov enterprise “has collected about 20 explosive devices from TETRANITRATE”

He Kiryanov said in court that he was not aware of who was brought to the laboratory.. Allegedly Kiryanov, all work was carried out on the firm “openly and cooperatively”.