Peskov commented on the criticism of Kudrin to the government

Peskov commented on the criticism of Kudrin to the government

MOSCOW, 21 APR — RIA Novosti. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called the hypothesis about the connection of the statements of former Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin with the possibility of changing the head of the Cabinet is not more than the verbal and political exercise.

Press Secretary of the head of state asked to evaluate the assumptions of some scientists regarding the fact that Kudrin’s statements lately, including quite significant and not always related directly to his field of activity, associated with a possible change of Prime Minister.

“Kudrin is a very authoritative expert, the expert did not narrow, but rather wide, so it is absolutely normal that he has a point of view on a wide range of issues. And to link everything with some electoral aspirations may be, it is clear and understandable from any point of view, but it is wrong in fact”, — said Peskov reporters.

Alexei Kudrin at the Krasnoyarsk economic forum drew attention to the structural problems of the Russian economy, and compared the government with a “creaking machine, which is all the time done wrong.”

The former head of the Ministry of Finance also advised to decriminalize certain articles of the Criminal code and to get rid of excessively severe punishment for petty crimes.