Kudrin compared the state administration in Russia with the “old creaky machine”

Kudrin compared the state administration in Russia with the “old creaky machine”

Public administration in Russia — “creaky old machine, which we’re not going there,” said Alexei Kudrin. The new format of the control the government will offer the Ministry of economic development, said Maxim Oreshkin.

Problems with the economy of Russia are connected not only with low oil prices and sanctions, and in public administration. This was during the Krasnoyarsk economic forum, said the Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic research Alexei Kudrin, reports RBC.

System of governance I would rate today as a creaky old machine with low speed, which has high power, which we must not stop there and each time adjust their movement. But the result is small.Alex Quadripedal Board of the Center for strategic research

The evaluation of the CSR, their duties occupied only 38% of the officials, otherwise they are engaged in “fire fighting” in “emergency situations” and executing “random” instructions.

“The last ten years, our growth rate is below 1.5%. For Russia, this is, in General, a lost decade. In the beginning we lived about eight years with the rate of 7%, and this was a high growth rate for Russia was updated. The last ten years we go from crisis to crisis with little respite, we have nothing to boast,” — said Kudrin.

The Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin said that his Department is trying to build new management approaches. So, the government’s plan to accelerate economic growth, which prepares the Ministry, should “live and respond to the changing external environment”, “have feedback.”

We need to introduce project management, said the Minister in the Ministry of economic development has established a Department for change management that will contribute to “horizontal governance”. In the long term such changes. … will be prompted to enter and at the government level.

Plan of economic growth should not be a “dead” document, the Minister said, and this will help change management approach.

In General, in Russia “a number of structural problems,” Kudrin said. One of them is a large state presence in the economy. State-owned companies “otherwise motivated” and thus occupy a major role in leading industries of the country, for example in mining and Finance, where, according to Kudrin, the state-owned companies should not be at all. It is the public sector is largely responsible for low growth rates, this is due to its “very weak policies,” insists the former head of the Ministry of Finance. Russia needs new incentives, in particular the business’s international markets, where he is now afraid to go, concluded the speaker.

Of course, the state should not completely withdraw from the economy, “completely naive” to assume the opposite, said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. The authorities must protect the rights and interests of citizens, and they should do it “much better” than now, said Dvorkovich.

CSR is developing a strategy of reform until 2024, at the same time its development plan until 2025, says economic development. Both documents will be submitted in may of this year. … , Responding in a forum on the question of whether there is competition between programs, acknowledged that it is, however, called it “positive.” CSR and economic development work together on some tasks, and in parallel there is nothing wrong, argued the Minister, noting that CSR is the responsibility of more. Kudrin Oreshkin was supported, adding that his center is involved in such important issues as geopolitics, the judicial system and law enforcement agencies.