Kadyrov: Chechnya will evict the family members of terrorists


RIA Novosti

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that the Republic will be sent to family members to cover participation of their relatives in terrorist organizations. Family members of terrorists, covering fighters, and receiving from them funds, Kadyrov called “accomplices of terror” that must not live in Chechnya, reports RT.

“If they have a son or a brother left, he began on the path of terrorism, if the family helps them, if the family is sitting at home unemployed, pensions, allowances, covering his son or brother, helping them to kill us, these people we will be evicted,” – said Kadyrov.

Last year Kadyrov has published the list of the Chechen terrorists hiding in Turkey and urged Ankara to extradite them to Russia. Then Kadyrov have already noted that the Chechen people “at the cost of hundreds of thousands of uprooted victims of” terrorism, but “the problem is not taken while abroad are particularly dangerous criminals, who fled from Chechnya”.