RAS scientists gave the definition of the Russian nation

RAS scientists gave the definition of the Russian nation

Russian Academy of Sciences prepared a dictionary containing the basic concepts in the field of national policy, according to “Izvestia”.

Thus, the Russian nation in a document called a “civil political community, consolidated on the basis of the historical Russian state, whose members have equal rights regardless of ethnic, racial and religious origins, shared historical and cultural values, a sense of belonging to one people, civil responsibility and solidarity.”

Also, the dictionary says that Russia — “national state with a diverse ethnic and religious composition of the population and which are more regional specificity”.

Terms are planned to be discussed April 25 at the first meeting of the Scientific Council on complex problems of ethnicity and ethnic relations.

Dictionary developed for the preparation of the law on the Russian nation. The necessity of this document in October 2016, said President of Russia Vladimir Putin. According to the head of the state, the unity of the people is a key condition for preserving the statehood and independence of Russia.

The concept of the bill prepared in the state Duma. In March it was reported that the document will be renamed because of the unwillingness of society to accept the idea of a single nation.