Inhabitants of Melbourne are accused of “Legoland” in age discrimination

Inhabitants of Melbourne are accused of “Legoland” in age discrimination

Adult fans of LEGO from Australian Melbourne intend to apply to the court to “Legoland” because of the age restrictions on visiting the centre, reports The Guardian.

Melburnians bought season tickets for the entertainment centre, but only on the day it opened on April 17 learned that will not be able to play LEGO because of age restrictions. The most angry Australians promise to apply to the Victorian civil and administrative Tribunal of Australia to justice.

The entrance to Australia’s first Legoland is open to children up to 17 years. Parents may be present in the city of LEGO only as escorts, a games room it is strictly forbidden. In an official statement the company said that Legoland was built as a small attraction, designed for comfortable stay of children, not adults.

LEGO mini Melbourne: The display was unveiled today at the grand opening of the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at Chadstone. #7News

— 7 News Melbourne (@7NewsMelbourne) 18 APR 2017

“Quite awful to hear that you will discriminate against us on the grounds of age. Like LEGO for people of all ages, I myself have spent thousands of dollars on the purchase of the series designers. It is obvious that many adults who have no children, wants to visit the Mall,” asked a fan of the LEGO mark Robinson to the company on its Facebook page.

Representatives of the company toy explained that any discrimination on the grounds of age are not a limit on the visit of the center for people 17 and older works in all other “Legoland” in 17 countries of the world.