Suspect arrested in attack on a bus of a football club in Dortmund

Suspect arrested in attack on a bus of a football club in Dortmund

BERLIN, 21 Feb — RIA Novosti, angelina Timofeeva. The court issued a decision to arrest a suspect in the attack on the bus of football club “Borussia” in Dortmund, the 28-year-old Sergei V., said on Friday the press service of the Federal Prosecutor of Germany.

Earlier, the Ministry announced the arrest of a man who has dual citizenship — German and Russian. According to the publication Spiegel-Online, the family of the suspect arrived in Germany from the Urals.

Dortmund on 11 April in Dortmund had to play with “Monaco” within the ¼ finals of the Champions League. A little less than an hour before the game, the media reported about the explosion near the bus owners on their way to the stadium. Later the police confirmed this information and reported that next to the bus, three explosions occurred. The player “Borussia” Marc Bartra was taken to the hospital.

The prosecution said, at the moment it is known that the suspect bought 15 thousand shares of Borussia Dortmund, which 3 APR took the credit. In the case of fluctuations of these shares due to the injury or death of suspect players would receive from the sale of securities more profit. Besides, Sergey V. booked a room at the hotel overlooking the road where the explosions happened on April 9-13 and April 16-20, as at the time of booking it was not known where it will be played the first match in Dortmund or Monaco.