The country’s oldest wooden Church burned down in the Tomsk region

In the village of Bialystok (Tomsk region) burned the oldest Russian wooden Church. About this TASS said the head of the rural settlement Yuri Sevost’yanov.

The building, built in 1908, moved to the region of the poles, burned down completely. “In Soviet times, it made the warehouses, then was a club. In the 1990-ies it was transferred to a new place, a higher, restored, sanctified,” said Sevostyanov.

According to the head of the Tomsk Memorial Museum of history of political repressions “NKVD Remand prison” Basil Hanewich, burnt Church was one of only two surviving Russian wooden Catholic churches. Last similar structure is preserved in the village the Top of the Irkutsk region.

Earlier in April, a fire occurred in the temple of All religions in Kazan, which killed people. During the inspection of the building revealed three independent fire. MOE said that the most likely cause of the fire is the introduction of an open fire.