In Venezuela during the protests killed two students and a guard

The opposition March

In the course of shooting during a protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has killed two students and a Sergeant of the National guard, Reuters reports.

Opposition supporters took to the streets in Caracas and other cities protesting against the policies of Maduro, who, in their opinion, undermines democracy and puts the country’s economy into chaos.

Supporters of the President in his appeal was held in the capital of counter-demonstration. Only mass actions from both sides was attended by several hundred thousand people. As noted, these protests — the longest in 2014. According to human rights activists, Wednesday, April 19, during the protests were arrested more than 400 people.

According to Maduro, the protest under the peaceful facade lie the opposition’s attempts to stage a coup to end socialism in Venezuela. The opposition, for its part, says that the President has become a dictator and accusing his government of using armed civilians to impose violence and fear.

Just this month were killed during the protests eight people.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles called for another rally on Thursday, April 20.

The political crisis in Venezuela amid economic problems caused by the fall in world oil prices — the main export commodity of the Republic.