Russia is ready to resume small border traffic with Poland


RIA Novosti

Russia is ready to resume small border traffic with Poland, said the Director of the third European Department of the MFA of Russia Sergey Nechaev reporters in Warsaw on Wednesday.

In the capital of Poland was held a Russian-Polish consultations.

“We said when the agreement on small border traffic between the Kaliningrad oblast and North-Eastern voivodships of Poland worked — it was a very good practical example of bilateral cooperation, an example of which was really that beacon, including in the European context in the regions,” said Nechayev.

“So it was unclear why last summer our Polish colleagues, without consulting us beforehand, just a few days before the entry into force of their new order ceased in unilateral right is a small border post, which we of course had to react adequately and mirror”, he added.

The Director of the Department noted that the Russian side does not see “convincing arguments and logic in explaining our Polish colleagues, why is this happening”. “We believe that ordinary citizens suffered on both sides of the border that have used this preferential treatment to solve their practical everyday problems and everyone was very happy. Now this channel is blocked”, — he said.

“We told our colleagues that if after all the sanity on the Polish side will prevail and the Polish government decided to reinstate this mode, we treat this favorably and adequately”, — concluded the diplomat.

The agreement between Moscow and Warsaw on the order of local border traffic entered into force in July 2012. From the Russian side under the instrument gets the whole Kaliningrad oblast, Polish — part of the territory of warmińsko-Mazurskie and Pomorskie voivodeships. Issuing cards WFP consulates, residents of the border regions had the right to multiple entry and stay.

In July 2016 Poland has decided to suspend the agreement. Russia took adequate measures.