Show business was divided into clans

Show business was divided into clans

The brightest family of American show business.

The new US President shows the world: promote relatives, arranging them for work, — you can. In place of the usual dynasties come families — not only in government, of course, but in show business. Today in America a Tramp is a new Kardashians. However, the old did not disappear. They are joined by other families, defining the new face of American fashion and show business.

In principle, in Hollywood, and there used to be an acting family dynasty — Henry, Peter, Jane and Bridget Fund; Eric, Julia, and now Emma Roberts; Alec, Stephen and William Baldwin; Patricia, Rosanna, David Arquette, and joined them Courtney Cox and so on. However, these actors were very independent and did not go everywhere as a pair.

Now it is not so: the life of families of American show business, you can monitor social networks, they stick together and occupy the TV screens, newspaper pages and fashion shows

A few names — but they are everywhere.

Publication from Kim Kardashian West (@@kimkardashian) APR 17 2017 at 11:59 PM PDT

The main family of America remains the family Kardashian-Jenner, the members of which daily appear in public. Former husband of Kris Jenner, Robert Kardashian, was an American lawyer of Armenian origin. Thanks to him, the world first heard this name — he was a lawyer and friend of the notorious football player O J. Simpson.

New show releases come out so far, and six children Chris day by day becoming more popular. The most ambitious of them, Kim Kardashian, with 12 years dreamed of glory, and today her life in Instagram following of nearly 100 million subscribers. As well as the activities of her husband, rapper Kanye West, and two children.

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The youngest daughter of Kris — Kendall and Kylie Jenner — are among the most highly paid models. On account of Kendall for several Vogue covers, numerous campaigns, contracts with the most famous fashion houses and cosmetic brands.

Publication from Kendall (@kendalljenner) on Dec 1 2016 at 9:00 PST

Kendall Jenner

19-year-old Kylie already have their own cosmetic brand. Not long ago, the girl said that summer is about to produce his own show that will tell fans about her daily life.

Publication from Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Feb 1 2017 7:34 PST

Kylie Jenner

However, millions of subscribers, and without the show is closely watched not only for personal life and success models, but also for what they eat and wear.

But the most popular in the world the name Kardashian has slowly but surely displaces from newspaper strips other family

Sisters Hadid, Gigi and Bella, the daughter of a successful real estate developer and architect Mohamed Hadid and former model Yolanda foster, also known for the reality show, is ready to overtake the popularity of Kendall and Kylie. Sisters since childhood and appeared on the screens along with the mother today, they cost at the shows and magazine covers without her.

Gigi noticed more at the age of two: small model took part in an advertising campaign for Baby Guess.

Publication from Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on Jan 30 2017 12:19 PST

Gigi Hadid

Take a break to study in school, the older sister signed a contract with IMG Models, and after shooting under the direction of Stephen Maisel Pirelli calendar her career went uphill. Despite the fact that initially she was criticized for a too-rounded hips and a bit plump cheeks, Gigi appeared on the shows again and again. Now she is invited to every major show, but in the model world her name became a household word “Jiji” means “superstar”.

Behind her on the podium Bella rose: making a contract with the same modeling Agency, the girl quickly became as popular as her older sister. Largely on the popularity of the girls affected by the Tom Ford show, where the sisters have attended together.

Publication from Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) Mar 26 2017 7:20 PDT

Bella Hadid

In the catwalks of the autumn fashion weeks is likely to accept the younger brother of sisters Hadid — the 17-year-old Anwar. Now he is also a model in several shootings for magazines, including the cover of Teen Vogue, the advertising contract with Hugo Boss and a few shows.

Publication from Anwar Hadid (@anwarhadid) APR 14 2017 5:02 PDT

Anwar Hadid

The Kardashians and Hadidi star of social networks, but the children of actor will Smith are constantly in the news thanks to the posts on the matter. The youngest son of will, Jaden, to his 18 years managed to star in several films, to record a duet with Justin Bieber, to take part in several advertising campaigns, and recently planned to start a fashion brand and is now looking for Director-General via Twitter.

The actor’s daughter, willow, also boasts considerable success — and not just in the modeling business.

Not so long ago, she signed a record deal with Jay-Z and then released his first solo album

The eldest son William from his first marriage, in turn, also managed to star in several TV series. But the current wife of the actor does not stand apart from their stellar children and husband. Jada Pinkett Smith has starred in over 20 films, and published a book. In 2002, she began a musical career, creating the metal band Wicked Wisdom and is now actively engaged in their own business.

Publication from Will Smith (@willsmithphotos) APR 15, 2016 at 3:43 PDT

Jaden Smith and willow Smith with parents

In the vast social networks can stumble on another popular family by the name of Smith. Starli sister, Daisy, Piper, and their brother, Lucky blue has created a family band, The Atomics. Each of the family members has contracts with modeling agencies, on account of the many covers of prestigious publications and several roles in movies.

The young stars are happy to communicate with fans and the greatest joint achievement is a musical group. The outstanding collection also watching millions followers on Instagram and it is possible that someday their popularity compares to the Hadid sisters or Jenner.