Matvienko agreed with the criticism of dramatic performances Safrankova in the UN

Valentina Matvienko

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko considered constructive criticism, Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vladimir Safronkov after his resonant speech in the UN security Council on 12 April. On Thursday, April 20, reports TASS.

At the meeting of Scientific Advisory Council, which was attended by Matvienko, chair of the Department of the law faculty of Moscow state University Suren Avakyan compared it Safrankova on the UN security Council meeting with him, talking with a soldier. “Let react, your Committee will say, well, you can behave?” — Avakyan said, referring to the head of SF.

Matviyenko, in turn, replied that has already expressed to foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, his position on this issue. “Lavrov shares her. All signals are sent. My point is exactly the same as yours,” said the Senator.

During the meeting, the UN security Council on 12 April Safronkov, commenting on the speech of the British representative Matthew Rycroft, criticized Moscow’s foreign policy towards Syria, said that Richport prevents development of the political process. The Russian diplomat turned to a colleague to you. Additional repercussions facing Richforth phrase: “Look at me, the eyes do not take you eye bends?”

In the Kremlin and the Russian foreign Ministry considered the tone Safrankova appropriate.