The Federation Council has responded to the statement by Fillon on the status of Crimea

Franz Klintsevich

Statement of candidate for President of France on the center-right party “the Republicans” françois Fillon about the historically Russian Crimea sooner or later will be perceived in the world as the norm, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich. This is stated in the comments of the Senator, arrived in edition “” on Thursday, April 20.

“Just French politician, unlike their Western counterparts, really looks at the situation and not burdened by any ideological prejudices,” said the Senator.

In an interview with the newspaper Le Figaro, Fillon expressed the opinion that Moscow will never abandon the Peninsula. “It is useless to be stubborn and say that Russia must withdraw from Crimea, that will never happen,” — said the French politician.

According to him, the Crimean issue, it is necessary to consider “two fundamental and contradictory to the principle of” respect of borders and the right of peoples to self-determination. While Fillon pointed out that the Peninsula “Russian historical, cultural and linguistic points of view.”

Crimea reunited with Russia in the spring of 2014 the referendum. Kiev refuses to recognize the results of the plebiscite and called the Peninsula occupied territory. Moscow insists that the procedure was conducted in full accordance with international law and the UN Charter.