Kadyrov at a meeting with Putin denied reports of killings of gay men in Chechnya

Kadyrov at a meeting with Putin denied reports of killings of gay men in Chechnya

Moscow. April 19. INTERFAX.RU — the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday denied media reports about the detentions and killings of civilians in the Republic.

“I want to tell you that those provocative article about the Chechen Republic about the events that happen, there are supposedly of detention, gentlemen “good people” write about what we have detention in the country. Even talking about it is uncomfortable. Supposedly people are detained there, kill even called one (person if) the surname”, — said Kadyrov.

According to the head of the Republic, referred to the man that wrote that he was killed, was eventually discovered at home.

Plain text at first offended him, and then accused in the sense that the authorities killed him, and he is alive, healthy and is at home. Here are the facts unconfirmed in the Republic are in year two of a three-rajaraman Kadyrovglava of the Chechen Republic

He also reported that the security situation in Chechnya is stable, serious threats to the Republic.

Informed to “Novaya Gazeta” published a material that in Chechnya detained about 100 people suspected of homosexuality, because sexual orientation had been killed at least three people. Press Secretary of the head of Chechnya, Alvi Karimov denied this information, noting that “it is impossible to detain and harass someone simply not in the Republic.” On Monday, the Prosecutor’s office of Chechnya stated that checks information from the publication.