The OPCW called the substance that was used in the chemical attack in Idlib

The OPCW called the substance that was used in the chemical attack in Idlib

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. The results of the tests showed that the Syrian Khan Sheyhun used sarin or its analogs, said in a statement the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the first day session of the Executive Council in the Hague.


It is noted that the organization investigated biomaterials collected from the bodies of the three victims of the attack.

“Biomedical material of seven patients who are undergoing treatment in the hospital, was also investigated in two laboratories of the OPCW. The results also showed that they suffered from sarin or its analogues”, — said in a statement, placed at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Syrian opposition April 4, said about 80 victims of the attack with chemical weapons in Idlib province, blamed the attack on Syrian government forces. Damascus blamed the attack the militants and their patrons.

USA did not submit any evidence of the guilt of Damascus, on the night of April 7 attacked a Syrian military base of al-Sirat.

Moscow expressed concern over “the attempts of some countries to distort the situation around the incident” and demanded an impartial investigation into the events in Khan shaykhun. Meanwhile, Russia and Syria insist that the investigation into the episode was not conducted remotely, and the place and ask to send experts to the airfield of al-Sirat.