In the state Duma proposed to pay an allowance to children up to three years

Sergey Vostretsov

In the state Duma proposed to extend the allowance for child care up to three years. The bill has been developed a member of the Duma Committee on labor, lipolytica and veterans ‘ Affairs Sergey Vostretsov, reports RT.

Currently, subsidies for child care are paid up to six years, their size reaches 40 percent of average earnings. The next half of the year, the mother receives monthly compensation in the amount of 50 rubles.

According to the MP, the allowance is a fixed amount should also be paid to children from three to seven years, which has not got places in a kindergarten.

In September 2015, the Chairman of the social insurance Fund (SIF) Andrey Kigim has declared that compensation for the care of children in the amount of 50 rubles is a relic of the Soviet era. In his opinion, an allowance should be escalated.

In April 2015, labor Minister Maxim Topilin offered to cancel 50-ruble payments. “This grant means nothing, and, of course, necessary to take measures for its reform”, — he said. Instead, the Department proposed to move to targeted assistance to the needy.