Residents of the Vietnamese village took hostage 20 policemen

The villagers May Duke, located 50 kilometers from the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, took hostage 20 policemen. It is reported BFMTV.

The conflict arose a few days ago: the officials, accompanied by guards — a total of 38 people came to the village to conduct demarcation. Part of the agricultural land, the authorities intend to give for the construction of one of the Telecom companies.

Village activists detained all visitors and locked them in one of the buildings. Three officials and 15 police managed to escape, the rest remain in captivity. According to local residents, with the hostages treated well, they fed.

At the same time the villagers fear that the authorities may try to force to beat the prisoners. “We poured oil around the house where the hostages are locked. We are ready to set fire to it, if the police will go to the assault,” said a local resident.

In Vietnam all land belongs to the state. Authorities routinely confiscate land for a variety of purposes — building houses, hotels or other infrastructure. Periodically such situations lead to conflicts. In 2012, as a result of clashes of the owner of a fishery farm with the police, injuring seven guards.