For involvement in the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg will examine the ideology of ISIS

For involvement in the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg will examine the ideology of ISIS

Intelligence agencies believe that the organizers of the terrorist attack has affected the propagandists in Russia banned the “Islamic state”. Among the possible ideologues attack the source of RBC is called Islam Atabiev nicknamed “Abu Jihad”.


“Abu Jihad”

The Federal security service and the Investigative Committee to check the ideologists of the “Islamic state” for involvement in the terrorist attack in the subway of Saint Petersburg, told RBC source in the National anti-terrorist Committee and confirmed by a source familiar with the case.

According to them, the organizers of the attack could inspire propaganda from abroad, including from Islam Atabiev nicknamed “Abu Jihad”.

The attack itself usually plans a person who is not in Russia, said a source in NAK. And directly organized by the members of the group “lower rank”, which through social networks agree on a “single gang”.

The members of such groupings usually do not know each other and see each other only shortly before the event, after which, if they remain alive, are leaving for their cities and towns until the next facinatingly anti-terrorist Committee

Arrests made in the case of the terrorist attack in the subway have confirmed in their statements that they were studying in the Internet propaganda materials on radical movements, said the source in the NAC. This information was confirmed by a source familiar with the case.

Islam Atabiyev is one of the most influential figures among the Russian-speaking and Caucasian militants “Islamic state”, wrote Atabaev was born in Karachay-Cherkessia in 1983, studied at the Egyptian religious University of al-Azhar, since 2011, is located on the territory of Syria. “Atabayev is one of the key ideologists of the “Islamic state”. He did not personally planning attacks, it only convinces them of the need: it records videos, motivating sermons and so forth,” — said the source of RBC in the NAC.

Lawyer Armen Zadoyan, protecting Abror Azimov, which the FSB referred to the alleged organizer of the attack, refused to answer the question appears whether the name of Islam Atabiev in a criminal case. Lawyer Musa abdulvakhabov representing the interests of the accused in the same case Socisty Karimova, told RBC that the investigation is asked Karimova know whether to her the names of several people. According to him, a name About Jalilova, exploded a bomb on the stretch between the stations “Sennaya Ploschad” and “Technological Institute” and left a second explosive device at the station “Ploshchad Rebellion”, the investigator called “some three names”.

Thursday afternoon, April 20, the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov told reporters that the organizer of act of terrorism “virtually installed”. His name he did not name.

The case of terrorist attack

Law enforcement authorities assume that the contamination was associated with the “radical underground, which is sympathetic to Islamic state, said earlier the interlocutor of RBC familiar with the investigation. In November 2015 Jalilov was in Turkey and was able to visit Syria, wrote Reuters. From Turkey, he was deported in December 2016, reported the Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit and confirmed the source of RBC, close to the Turkish government. According to the source, the suicide bomber has exceeded the period of stay in the country.

April 18, Basmanny court arrested Abror Azimov. According to intelligence agencies, he had “trained suicide bomber” Jalilova. “The arrest I agree. Because I recognized my involvement in the preparation of the explosion, I disagree. My participation there, but indirect. I didn’t realize that I was helping the attack. I gave the command, and it did,” said Asimov in court. He could not tell what he did, because he was interrupted by the judge and the investigator.

On 7 April, he was arrested eight defendants in the case, including Sodik Ortikov and Shakhista Karimov. “Jalilov, using a range of subscriber numbers of the mobile operators has been in contact with organisers and accomplices, located in the city of Moscow, quoted the materials of the case, the judge of Basmanny court Elena Lenskaya. — Jalilov has repeatedly made calls to the subscriber’s number, which was launched further calls to the number Ortikova”.

Ortikov said that he found the ammunition could belong to his partner at work with whom he lived. In turn, the lawyer Karimova abdulvakhabov the court said that the weapon was planted. “I do not remember cases, when the operational service would appear in place of the search before the investigators. And here it was allowed. I’m pretty sure a grenade, detonators and circuits were planted by these men in masks”, — said the lawyer.

According to him, investigators have made Karimov to leave ammunition was found on the biological traces: they demanded from it “to RUB the detonator of the scalp and armpits”.

This, according to Abdulvahabova are reflected in the interrogation Karimova.

The victims of the terrorist attack in the subway of Saint Petersburg were 15 people, including a suicide bomber, and more than 60 injured. Experts surveyed by RBC, concluded that a bomb defused at “Vosstaniya Square”, typical for most of the Islamists of the middle East than for the North Caucasian armed underground. None of the terrorist organizations has claimed responsibility for the attack.