A former UN worker robbed banks in new York city during the lunch breaks

The NYPD arrested a former employee of the UN, the suspect in four Bank robberies. It is reported by NBC 4 New York.

According to investigators, 52-year-old Abdullah the Shuaiba committed his crimes in the last six months during lunch breaks.

According to the channel, the attacker in 2013, some time worked in the United Nations as a specialist in communications. Later he changed his occupation.

On 20 February it was reported that new York police shot and killed 18-year-old robber, armed with a dummy weapon. Sergio Reyes stole beer in one of the shops, threatening the seller with the subject similar to the gun. When the attacker went outside with the loot, he noticed the police. They demanded to drop the weapon, but the Flight has sent the model of the gun in their direction. The guards opened fire on the suspect. From his wounds, he later died in hospital.