The Associated Press learned about Putin brought the trump plan on Syria

Rex Tillerson

Secretary Rex Tillerson came to Moscow with the plan of US President Donald trump on Syria. During a visit last week, the head of the diplomatic Department of the USA outlined the head of the Russian state program highlights, the Associated Press reports, citing American officials.

According to the Agency, the administration trump is working hard to end the civil war in Syria. In the White house are trying to find answers to such questions as “Can the war crimes charges to force President Bashar al-Assad to leave power?” or “what about his safety in exile?” The AP indicates that the President’s plan, which is still being developed, it became more clear after the attack on the Syrian air base in response to a chemical attack, for which, in the opinion of Washington, responsible Damascus.

The strategy includes three main stages: a victory over grouping “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), the restoration of stability in the country and ensuring political transition in which Assad eventually leaves his post. The last point may be implemented in various ways, including through the holding of presidential elections without Assad, the overthrow of the Libyan or Iraqi scenario and forced expulsion outside the country under threat of prosecution for war crimes.

However, according to Associated Press sources, Tillerson told Putin and Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, that the preferred option would be if Syrian President will voluntarily leave his post and go into exile.

The Agency notes that any plan the U.S. regarding Assad, “will require cooperation with a key ally of Syria — Russia”. Sources AR also noted that, in talking about the plan trump the President of the Russian Federation and Russian officials, the Secretary of state has urged Moscow to articulate their key interests. The diplomat asked not to hurry with the answer,

Meanwhile, as has declared “to Interfax” a press-Putin’s Secretary Dmitry Peskov, the information that the head of the state Department revealed the Russian leader, the basic principles of the us program on Syria, is not true.