The number of dead “mother of all bombs” is militants has reached 92

The number of militants of the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state” (IG), killed by US use heavy duty high-explosive conventional bombs GBU-43, reached 92. On Saturday, April 15, the Governor of the Achinsk district Ismail Shinwari, reports the Daily Mail.

According to Afghan TV station TOLONews, the number of deaths of members of the IG is 94, including four of the leader of the group.

A day earlier, Shinwari claimed that casualties among civilians are not.

Heavy duty bomb used in Thursday, April 13, in the province of Nangarhar. It was reported that the American command hoped to thus destroy the system of tunnels and caves used by the militants.

In 2003, GBU-43/B was the most powerful bomb in the world. The force of the explosion of 11 tons of TNT, the blast radius of about 140 meters, a partial collapse occurs at a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the epicenter. Previously this gun was tested twice at the site, but never used in combat.