The lawyer reported about the transfer to Russia of the defendants in the case about the murders on the Maidan

Law enforcement officers in Central Kiev, January 2014

Four former employees of the Kharkov “Berkut” special forces, accused of the murder of Euromaidan activists moved from Ukraine to Russia. That’s forbidden in Russia the portal “Censor.No,” said their lawyer Valentin Rybin.

“13 April, they quietly boarded a bus and went to Russia. Internal passports, openly and completely relaxed. Not only escaped, because he was not under restraint and left in a safe place,” said Rybin.

He said that Vladislav Mastiha and Tom Felts to 13 April were under house arrest, as a preventive measure in the form of personal commitment Alexander Kostyuk ended in March. Vitaliy Goncharenko April 6, was released by court from-under guards under the personal obligation.

In addition, on 14 April on the YouTube channel of the Foundation fish “Odyssey” published the video message of former soldiers of “Berkut”. They have linked his departure with the statement of public Prosecutor Sergey Gorbatyuk, who said he would appeal against the action of a judge released Goncharenko.

About the arrest of four former employees of “Berkut” of Kharkiv region reported in June 2016. They were charged with abuse of power and official authority, grievous bodily harm 35 citizens and attempt at a premeditated murder of two and more persons. in addition, one of the detainees was charged with the murder of two and more persons.

Maidan (Euromaidan) — mass protests in Central Kiev and other cities of Ukraine in winter 2013-2014. To the protection of public order during these actions was attracted by fighters of special forces “Berkut” from different regions of the country. The unrest has led to violent change of power in the country and the flight of President Viktor Yanukovych. During those events in Kiev and regions 106 people were killed.