Have fined brought the “outrage formula” math

Alexey Ivanov Moscow mathematician Alexey Ivanov is sentenced by the Tver district court to a fine of 20 thousand rubles under part 5 of article 20.2 of the administrative code (“violation of the established procedure of organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or picketing”). It is reported in the Facebook group of activists, “the Movement of 14%”. The activists write that Ivanov was detained during an unsanctioned rally on March 26, when he witnessed numerous arrests, took a sheet of paper and wrote on it a mathematical “formula for chaos.” “Half a minute later, he was approached by people in uniform and, of course, without explanation taken to the police bus” — the “Movement of 14%”. April 13, the Basmanny court of Moscow arrested four suspects of using violence against police during a rally on March 26. Alexander Shpak was born in 1977, Stanislav Zimovets born in 1985, Yuri

Thai Ambassador to Russia was removed from the “Sapsan” due to a hypertensive crisis

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Thailand in Russia, Kriangsak, Kittichaisaree was hospitalized on Friday, April 14. This was announced by the Ministry of health of the Tver region, reports “Interfax”. Medical assistance diplomat needed during the trip by Sapsan train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. “Doctors said the Ambassador hypertensive crisis. In the Tver hospital diplomat was given emergency medical care, carried out the necessary examination,” — said the source Agency. After that, Kittichaisaree medical helicopter landed in Moscow. Further treatment it will be held at the Botkin hospital. As reported by RIA Novosti source, the diplomat felt ill even before leaving the capital, and not far from Tver, his condition deteriorated. According to NTV, Kittichaisaree went to St. Petersburg to meet with students. His life is not in danger. Kittichaisaree holds the post of the Ambassador of Thailand in Russia in 2016.

German prosecutors began checking the new mails in a bomb threat

German prosecutors began checking the new mails in a bomb threat Previously, it received the German newspaper. Moscow. April 15. INTERFAX.RU — Prosecutors in Germany have begun to examine the threats of new explosions in the country received earlier in the newspaper “Tagesspiegel”, reported on Saturday local media. Also, the authors of the letter, which was received late the night before, took responsibility for the Commission of three explosions in Dortmund and threatened a new attack on April 22. We received a grateful letter. We isocentric kellerrestaurant the General Prosecutor’s office of Germany According to “Deutsche Welle”, the authors of the letter criticize multiculturalism and migration policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. April 11, three explosive devices were detonated near the bus of football club “Borussia Dortmund”. The explosions took place shortly before the first match of ¼ finals of the UEFA Champions League between the teams of Borussia Dortmund

The defense Ministry will check reports of deaths of people under the Deir ez-Zor

Photo: Reuters In the Russian defense Ministry checks the data about the air strikes of the international coalition in the warehouse of the militants with chemical weapons. About it reports “Tape.ru” with reference to the representative of the Ministry Igor Konashenkov. “The defense Ministry has no information confirming reports of the death of people and the nature of the destruction in the bombing of the aircraft of the international coalition in the area of the settlement of Deir ez-Zor. For monitoring and tracking the situation in the area sent unmanned means of objective control”, — said Konashenkov. April 13 Damascus said that the coalition aircraft struck the terrorists ‘ positions in Deir-ez-Zor. The message of the Syrian military command gave the Agency SANA. The government of the Arab Republic stated that as a result of the shelling killed hundreds of people, including civilians. The international coalition denies the charges.

Pushkov suggested

Photo: RIA Novosti Senator Alexei Pushkov believes that the charges of the U.S. against the Syrian government has lost all meaning due to coalition air strikes in Syria. “After the tragedy in Deir ez-Zor, where the coalition bombed a warehouse with chemical weapons of ISIS, the US charges against al-Assad should be thrown in the trash. They place there”, — the politician wrote on Twitter. Earlier it was reported that the coalition aircraft under the U.S. command attacked the warehouse of the terrorist group “Islamic state”* in the province of Deir ez-Zor. In a result of chemical poisoning has killed hundreds of militants and civilians. Washington has accused the Syrian army of using chemical weapons in Idlib on April 4. USA, not showing any evidence of this and not listening to Russia’s call for a thorough investigation, attacked a Syrian military base on the night of 7 April. * A

Of deputies-truants were asked to explain

Evgeny Moskvichev Photo: RIA Novosti The head of the Duma Committee on transport and construction Yevgeny Moskvichev urged MPs walk Committee meeting more than two times, to write an explanatory note addressed to the Chairman of the lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin. It is reported RIA Novosti on Thursday, April 13. “Let explanatory writing where they were. I understand one or two times, but three will report to the President,” said Moskvichev at the meeting of the Committee. On 16 November the state Duma has started fining members for absence at plenary without good reason. For each truancy promise to deprive one-sixth of the wages — about 60 thousand rubles. Last spring, the lower house of Parliament adopted a law allowing to deprive of the Deputy mandate for systematic absenteeism and loss of communication with voters. In June on these grounds was dismissed from the Deputy Ilya Ponomarev.

Putin reported income for the year 2016

Putin reported income for the year 2016 Vladimir Putin reported income for the previous calendar year. His income for last year amounted to 8.8 mln RUB. Russian President Vladimir Putin for 2016 earned 8 million 858 thousand 432 rubles. Such information is contained in the Declaration of the head of state over the past year, published April 14 on the website of the Kremlin. Compared to the previous year, the income of the President declined by about 33 thousand rubles, in 2015 the income of Putin amounted to 8 million 891 thousand 777 RUB. Owned by the President remain a land area of 1.5 thousand square meters, the apartment (77 sqm) and a garage (18 sq m). Also Putin in the use of the apartment with an area of 153,7 square meters and a garage (18 sq m). All objects are in Russia. The property is at the head of

Most of all in the Cabinet in 2016, earned the head of Minkowksi

Most of all in the Cabinet in 2016, earned the head of Minkowksi MOSCOW, April 14. /TASS/. Most of all in the Russian government in 2016, he earned the head of the Ministry for North Caucasus Affairs Lev Kuznetsov. According to the information about income, expenses and property, published on the official website of the Cabinet, his income was 582 million 146 thousand rubles. According to the results of Declaration campaign in 2015, the income of the Minister was considerably lower at 47,9 million rubles, that is its income grew more than 12 times. Income Kuznetsova at the end of 2016 was almost 68 more than the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who declared 8.6 million rubles. On the day the head of Minkowksi last year earned an average of nearly 1.6 million. A year earlier the leader on revenue in the Cabinet was the Minister of the Russian Federation on

North Korea called possible targets of air strikes in case of US aggression

North Korea called possible targets of air strikes in case of US aggression The attack of North Korean forces subjected to U.S. military bases in Japan, South Korea, and the President’s residence in Seoul, said the General staff of the army of the DPRK. MOSCOW, 14 APR — RIA Novosti. In the case of aggression on the part of Washington DPRK attacks us military base and a presidential residence in Seoul, says the statement of the representative of the General staff of the Korean people’s army. All political, economic and military provocative machinations are strongly disrupted by the heavy duty response on the part of our army and people.The General staff of the DPRK As noted by the representative of the General staff, the response of the DPRK will include options for pre-emptive strike on land, sea and air. As possible objects to hit called U.S. military bases in Osan,