The Kuzbass rescuers removed from the ice threatened to jump into the water barefoot woman

In Yurga of the Kemerovo region rescuers removed from the ice barefoot drunk woman without clothes, who threatened to throw himself into the water. This was reported on the website of the regional Central Board MOE. About the discovery of the woman sitting on the ice near the shore Tom, witnesses said. “Having started the rescue operation, the soldiers of the detachment has received from the women are fighting back. She cried out and began to threaten the rescuers that if they would not leave her alone, she will jump into the water. Distracting the woman talking, the rescuers reached her and brought ashore”, — stated in the message MES. The woman was taken to hospital with frostbite on the feet of the first degree. As reported RIA Novosti, the victim was 54-year-old employee of the café who drank alcohol at work and decided to swim. The woman was brought

Putin earned in 2016 nearly 9 million rubles

Vladimir Putin The President of Russia Vladimir Putin earned last year about 8,86 million rubles. This is stated in the Declaration on incomes of the head of state, published on Friday, April 14. According to the document, owned by the head of state are a land area of 1.5 thousand square meters, the apartment (77 square meters) and a garage. In using — apartment the area of 153,7 square meters and a garage place. Vladimir Putin also owns three cars: two GAZ M-21 and “Field”. In addition, the Declaration listed car trailer “SKIF”. The amount of income of the Russian President in 2015 was $ 8.9 million, it was reported in April of last year. New real estate property or vehicles in his property last year has not appeared. In 2014, Vladimir Putin declared an income of 7.7 million rubles, in 2013 — 3.7 million.

Published income statement Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in 2016 earned 8,586 million rubles — on 181 thousand less than in 2015. these Data are contained in the income Declaration of the Prime Minister and his subordinates. Materials on теме19:29 15 April 2016Who is more Putinskaya the money earned by the President and his entourage The property Medvedev is an apartment area 367.8 square meters, the Prime Minister also rents a land area of 47 acres. In addition, he declared the GAZ 20 and the GAZ-21. The reduction in the income of the head of the Cabinet due to the reduction in the size of Bank Deposit and payment of interest thereon, said TASS in the press service of the government. From 1 January 2013 Russian officials accountable not only on income but on spending, including expenses of wives and children. Subject to verification of the acquisition of land, real

In the United States “witch”, zapugivaniya granddaughter, was sentenced to life imprisonment

In the United States “witch”, zapugivaniya granddaughter, was sentenced to life imprisonment MOSCOW, April 15 — RIA Novosti. American authorities have sentenced to life imprisonment a woman for bullying in the witch costume my seven year old granddaughter, reports the associated Press. According to the Agency, 51-year-old resident of Oklahoma Geneva Robinson, dressed in a witch costume “Nelly” and intimidated granddaughter scratched her neck, beat by hand with a rolling pin and cut the hair while the girl slept. Attorney Robinson said that “she knows she went too far.” According to Robinson, she currently takes medication for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Robinson was arrested in September 2014 after he led the exhausted granddaughter to the hospital.