For the organization of “carousel” in the election threatened with criminal term

Photo: Dmitry Korotaev / Kommersant In the state Duma it is planned to submit the draft amendments to the criminal code, providing punishment for the organisation of repeated voting. This was stated by the Secretary of the CEC Maya Grishina of Russia, reports TASS on Thursday, April 13. “It (the organization repeatedly receiving the newsletters — approx. “Of the”) is not covered by those offences that currently exist in the Criminal code. Now we are working on with specialists of the appropriate composition,” she said. The CEC has no right of legislative initiative, it is expected that the draft law will make the deputies or senators, said the Agency. On 12 April the lower house of Parliament in the first reading adopted a package of amendments to the electoral laws that relate to including the manipulation of the ballots. According to the document, for repeated voting or the organization

Putin announced a visit to Beijing in mid-may

Photo: RIA Novosti The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the meeting with Vice Premier of the state Council of the PRC Zhang gaoli announced the plan on may 14-15 participation in the forum of “One belt and one road” in Beijing. “At the invitation of Chinese President’s plan to take part in the international conference “One belt and one road”, – said Putin, noting that the visit to the capital of China with a working visit, reports TASS. The forum will take place on 14-15 may in Beijing. Last week, the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov said that Putin’s visit to China is many major projects, including in the energy sector. About Putin’s visit to China and President XI Jinping to Russia in February, said the Russian Ambassador.

Putin earned in 2016 nearly 9 million rubles

Putin earned in 2016 nearly 9 million rubles The President of Russia Vladimir Putin earned last year about 8,86 million rubles. This is stated in the Declaration on incomes of the head of state, published on Friday, April 14. According to the document, owned by the head of state are a land area of 1.5 thousand square meters, the apartment (77 square meters) and a garage. In using — apartment the area of 153,7 square meters and a garage place. Vladimir Putin also owns three cars: two GAZ M-21 and “Field”. In addition, the Declaration listed car trailer “SKIF”. The amount of income of the Russian President in 2015 was $ 8.9 million, it was reported in April of last year. New real estate property or vehicles in his property last year has not appeared. In 2014, Vladimir Putin declared an income of 7.7 million rubles, in 2013 — 3.7

Medvedev in 2016 earned 8.6 million rubles

Medvedev in 2016 earned 8.6 million rubles MOSCOW, April 14. /TASS/. Prime Minister of Russia in 2016, earned 8 million 586 thousand 974 rubles. This is almost 181 thousand rubles less than in 2015 when its revenue totaled 767 8 million 883 thousand rubles. Such data the head of government presented in the income Declaration, published on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers. According to the Declaration, the monthly earnings of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers last year was approximately 715 thousand rubles. In 2012, Medvedev earned 5.8 million rubles, in 2013 — 4.3 million, in 2014 — 8.5 million rubles (after the increase in remuneration according to the decree of the President), in 2015 to 8.8 million. No other changes in the Declaration: neither on personal nor real estate nor stock. Real estate and transport According to the published document, Medvedev remains the owner of

The foreign Ministry explained the words “at least count on the head teshi” the speech of the representative to the UN

The foreign Ministry explained the words “at least count on the head teshi” the speech of the representative to the UN Criticism of the speech of the Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vladimir Safronkov, who demanded that their colleagues from the UK Matthew Rycroft “to look him in the eye”, is “strange”. The journalists said Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, reports “RIA Novosti”. According to him, Western colleagues “from year to year is an exercise in insulting remarks against Russia and its policy.” In the end there is a moment when “we need to send a serious emotional signal,” said Ryabkov. Otherwise, “just don’t get to” withdraw “from a state of such political indoctrination of those who sit for us one table in the hall of the security Council or the OPCW Executive Council”, said the Minister. Ryabkov said that if the representative of Russia would have

Ronaldo denied the rape charges

Cristiano Ronaldo Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has rejected allegations contained in the publication by German magazine Der Spiegel about the fact that he had in 2010 paid off rape charges. Statement Ronaldo published on the official website of his agent Jorge Mendes. The athlete called this information “part of the journalistic fiction”. He pointed to the fact that the alleged victim refuses to identify themselves and to confirm the incident. Ronaldo also said that in the exchange of information on this case, lawyers are involved that have no relation to him, and referred to in the publication of a letter which was allegedly sent to the victim, he did not. The player called the article in Der Spiegel deceitful and promised that he would “speak out against this media with all the means at its disposal”. The publication claimed that the incident happened in Las Vegas June 13, 2009. The Portuguese

Scaring the American granddaughter in the image of the witch received three life sentences

Oklahoma city local resident sentenced to three life terms for what is in the image of witches terrorized his seven year old granddaughter. Reported by the Associated Press. 51-year-old Geneva Robinson in February pleaded guilty to five counts of ill treatment of a child. She confessed that, disguised as a witch Meldoy, scratched his neck girls beat her in the face and hands, cut her hair when she slept. “What she did was awful and what she did will forever have an impact on this child and her brothers and sisters,” said assistant district attorney Meredith Easter. The court was shown a three-minute video from a mobile phone. It was depicted that Robinson dressed in black, she was wearing something like a mask, and his hands painted green. The defense explained the behavior of the defendant that Robinson “was not strong enough to control the child,” but admitted that she

Gorbachev said about the signs of a new cold war

Mikhail Gorbachev Former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev in an interview with German newspaper Bild announced the approach of a new cold war. According to him, relations between the major powers continue to deteriorate, which, according to former Soviet leader suggests preparing the world for war. In addition, Gorbachev pointed to the militancy of the speeches of politicians and senior military, whose words are taken up by the media. At the end of March, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that relations between Moscow and Washington, perhaps even worse than during the cold war. According to TASS, a Kremlin spokesman recalled the unfriendly steps of Barack Obama before leaving the post of President of the United States. Moscow’s relations with many countries in the West significantly deteriorated in 2014 in connection with the accession to Russia of Crimea and the beginning of armed conflict

In Moscow faced passenger car and bus

In the North-East of Moscow faced a passenger bus and a BMW. On Friday, April 14, the TV channel “360” with reference to press-service of management of traffic police GU MVD in Moscow. The accident occurred on Emerald street about 08:20. According to preliminary data, injured people who were in the car. No other details were given. Earlier Friday it was reported that in New Moscow faced light truck Hyundai Porter truck. As a result of road accident nobody suffered.

Sands regretted the inability of the organizers of “Eurovision” to put pressure on Kiev

Moscow regrets that the organizers of “Eurovision” failed to ensure implementation of conditions of competition the Ukrainian side. This was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru” on Friday, April 14. “We can only Express regret that the organizers of “Eurovision” was unable to fulfill the terms of their rules and was unable to call a country that has expressed willingness to host this contest, follow the rules [to] the host country”, — said Peskov. On the eve, April 13, it became known that the European broadcasting Union (EBU) could not agree with the Ukrainian side to participate Samoilova in the Eurovision song contest. After receiving the notification, the channel refused to broadcast. The decision was supported by the TV channel “Russia 1”, which also includes the EMU and has the right to broadcast the contest. At the end of March the security Service of