The Moscow city court upheld the dismissal of the mayor of Vladivostok from office


Russian newspaper

Recall, he is in the detention center “Lefortovo”. The official is accused on the case of abuse of power, and commercial bribery. According to the decision of the district court Pushkarev removed from office for the period of the preliminary investigation and the judicial process. Request by the investigator.

The consequence considers that in 2009-2014, the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev was organized by the purchase of enterprise “Roads of Vladivostok” building materials, the group of companies “Vostoktsement”. And to a large extent.

The founder and owner of the property “Roads of Vladivostok” is the city administration. The investigation found that “Vostokcement” lead and control the close relatives Pushkareva, and the materials were purchased at inflated prices. The consequence considers that only the purchase personally Pushkarev received not less than 45 million rubles.

Such corrupt acts, according to investigators, caused serious consequences for municipal enterprises whose damage is measured by the amount of 158 million rubles with a tail. Thus formed accounts payable to more than 800 million rubles.

In addition, according to the investigation, in 2012-2014, the brother of the mayor, Andrey Pushkarev, gave the Director of “Roads of Vladivostok” Andrew Lushnikov not less than 1,4 million rubles in commercial bribery. That’s when, according to investigators, Lushnikov, acting in the interests Pushkareva and the group of companies “Vostokcement”, provided for the purchase of the group of organizations of building materials for execution of municipal contracts for repair and maintenance of city roads.

The brother of mayor in the framework of the criminal case was placed under house arrest. Lushnikov is in custody.