Russia developed female body armor “League”

Russia developed female body armor “League”

MOSCOW, 12 APR — RIA Novosti. Research Institute of steel has created a bullet-proof vest “League”, designed specifically for women and tailored female figure, told reporters Wednesday in a press-service of the company.

“Steel research Institute experts have developed a body armor specifically for women. Development would be highly relevant due to the increasing number of women who want to serve in law enforcement. The vest had begun to develop in 2015, and today he is ready to produce under the name “League”, — stated in the message.

The main feature of the “League” is the application of a new protective structure using metal-ceramic armor elements.

In addition, the vest is produced in eight different variants, taking into account the growth and characteristics of the female figure.

“The global market for personal body armor (NIB) in 2016 was estimated by experts in $ 1.9 billion US and by 2026 it will grow to 2.9 billion. The reasons are known — increase the number of local wars, terrorist activities, the need for modernization of the SIB” — noted in the Institute of steel.

The company noted that the development of reservation for women is still at an early stage and existing models are usually models originally designed for men, which is then only slightly modified.

Steel research Institute is the largest Russian developer and manufacturer of integrated systems of protection: bullet-proof vests, bronekolpakov, helmets, tasers, shields, localizers explosion, intensisty, fireproofing materials, systems, comprehensive protection of heavy and light armored vehicles and stationary objects.